Water is the most important substance for our bodies’ health.

Water is found in every cell of our body and is present in every process that occurs within it.

Our bodies are completely reliant on water. The brain, for example, is composed of 85% water. Even dry hair contains 10% water.

Drinking 2-3 liters of water per day is generally recommended in the articles. However, this is not enough for everyone, though it is a blessing when someone drinks at least that much.

In general, the drinking regime is still a major issue, and we drink very little water. We should drink 3.5 to 4 dcl of water per 10 kg of body weight. Overweight people should drink 1.5-2 dcl more water for every 11 kg of extra weight.

With a simple calculation, we can determine that many of us should drink twice as much as is generally recommended. The stated value is for normal climatic conditions. It is preferable to double this amount on hot summer days.

Under normal climatic conditions, approximately 0.8 l of water is excreted per day through urine, 0.5 l through skin, 0.3 l through faces, and 0.4 l through breathing.

We should not be surprised if we do not replenish the water supply.

It is preferable and beneficial to drink two-thirds of the total recommended amount of water in the morning, because the body cleanses itself between 04.00 and 12.00, which is known as the exclusion period.

Because the body excretes the most waste products at this time, you should drink plenty of water.

(Everyone understands that after purification, something must be rinsed).

If we do not provide enough water to the body, detoxification is imperfect, and waste that is not excreted settles and gradually intoxicates the internal organs. It’s like doing laundry without water.

The kidneys are responsible for filtering the blood and excreting urine.

In 24 hours, they filter approximately 200 liters of blood. Blood circulation is limitless, and blood flows continuously.

Everything in the body thickens when there is not enough water, and the kidneys excrete concentrated urine.

This gradually clogs them, much like a strainer, and can lead to urinary tract cancer.

A properly functioning body with the proper drinking regimen should produce urine that is nearly colorless and odorless.

In the case of an incorrect drinking regimen, waste substances secreted by the cells accumulate in the space between the cells (intercellular space), and if they are not flushed out, the cells reabsorb energy and nutrition from them.

It is obvious that this space should be clean and full of nutrients.

Inadequate fluid intake leads to toxic and waste substance accumulation, fat accumulation, indigestion, headaches, pain in the kidney area, which we often perceive as pain “in the lower back,” irritability, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, dry skin with wrinkle formation, and muscle weakness.

Inadequate fluid intake also contributes to weight gain.

Many people have a “mental block” and refuse to drink unless they are thirsty. It’s really just a psychological issue. Our bodies have a very poor control over the need for fluids, which worsens with age.

When the body lacks water, it draws it from its own tissues, skin, and muscles, and all body fluids thicken.

When the sensation of thirst appears, the body is deficient in fluid by more than 1% of its weight. We only add 2/3 of the required amount of water when we drink.

As a result, it is necessary to drink throughout the day (with a focus on the morning hours) and in smaller amounts.

(We also water the flowers regularly and not until they are withered).

The body communicates the need for water by making us feel as if we are lacking something, as if we have an appetite for something.

We frequently interpret this sensation as hunger and eat something, but we do not replenish the water.

Furthermore, we complicate matters by requiring the body to process additional food while also lacking water.

Learning from young children who still have natural instincts is beneficial, as long as we do not destroy them ourselves. Allow your child to drink to his or her taste and monitor how much water he or she drinks per day.

Children want to drink before eating because they understand what is necessary and beneficial – it’s a natural instinct.

We prohibit them, claiming that if they drink before eating; they will be unable to eat afterwards.

As a result, we suppress their natural instinct!!!

A sufficient amount of water is also required for effective fat burning, and it is interesting to note that if we drink enough water, we can better maintain a slim figure.

It’s straightforward: waste is simply eliminated from the body.

So let’s all raise a glass of clean water and

! ! ! CHEERS! ! !

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